Jongla Introduces Delivered as SDK For Messaging Application Development

Using fully-provided cloud service for the app

Jongla, a Finnish messaging services, begins to offer its technology to the apps developer through SDK (Software Development Kit) called Delivered. With the SDK, the apps developer is expected to enjoy light messaging technology with a cloud-based system that is fully hosted for Android and iOS applications.

According to the Jongla's CEO, Riku Slaminen, the instant messaging has dominated the communication in 21st century. People now make the most of their time connecting with others using social apps and instant messaging through their smartphones.

"Chat is king - instant messaging has dominated the communication in 21st century. Mobile device users expect a real-time user experience with minimal effort. Application developers gets to face challenges with user retention and well-developed messaging features will be a great help to improve user retention," Salminen explained.

The Jongla team is currently developing message delivery protocols to provide solutions that enable the less data consumption. With enough SDK to be used and the data-efficient message delivery protocol, Jongla offers competitive pricing to give company lots of advantages by using Delivered.

"Many entertainment, health, fitness and sports communities targeted, have emerging market users and we continuously pay attention to the user experience. Data cost and mobile network stability is a real issue here," Salminem added.

For further information, Delivered also provides several new features such as friend search and group messaging. This feature is expected to help companies in building the community. Salminen said the company will be able to build its own social network through Delivered. PicMix is one of Indonesian companies using Delivered.

"We want to help companies in building community based on such attributes as interests, public events and locations. By using Delivered, these companies will be able to build their own social network within the app. Users will no longer have to leave the application to socialize using instant messaging applications or social networking," Salminen said.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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