Kartumuu Launched Business Facility (Updated)

wiku - 29 August 2011

May be some of the readers start their vacation and packing, or have already gathered with family to welcome Ied Al-Fitr this year. But wait, this is a good moment for startups to run their program, one of them is is a social media service which gives facility to users for sending digital cards. According to their press release several days ago to DailySocial, they launched their business facility. Kartumuu Business helps brand for their online campaign program.

There are three main services explained in the press release from the Kartumuu’s business facility. The first one is the special page for brand (profile page) on Kartumuu, so every brand can have special page with custom design.

The second one is the greeting cards contest with costumed theme in accordance with the brands’ request. This contest also able to be completed with prizes for the lucky participants. Kartumuu also explained that the desain can be provided by the brand or by Kartumuu team. The sending process of the card can be through Twitter and Facebook.

The last one is the contest of card design. Designers and Kartumuu’s members can participate in this contest. The contest runs based on the brand’s theme. The best design will be shown on Kartumuu website. How they decide the winner? The winner will be decided by which design used in the most favorite cards sent.

As written previously, this business facility launched is used the Ied Al-Fitr moment, because Kartumuu cooperates with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) to celebrate Ied Al-Fitr. There are some greeting cards with CCAI promotion as there is explanation about CCAI in the greeting card. In addition, there will be Galaxy Tab as the prize for the top sender of the cards.

Because of the form, it is completed with social media elements, as stated in the mechanism. There is a step to follow CCAI twitter account and to like the Facebook Page, also the greeting cards can be sent trough Twitter.

As far as I know, this program is adjusted to certain moment and cooperated with certain brand which actually had been done by Kartumuu. However, the recent program is more complete and with better arrangement.

Now, Kartumuu has given service for a year. They have already received investment (update below) from InvestIdea. Although still in the first year of giving service, the users of Kartumuu have been ready to be managed on promotion program with brands.

Besides giving online brand promotion, Dhiku Hadikusuma from Kartumuu, also explained that Kartumuu will have offline activities collaborate with brand at Social Media Festival, an event in which DailySocial also involved in the accomplishment.

Cooperation with brands or giving services as promotion media for brands is a good strategy to receive income or as startup business strategy. We can also see the similar program hold by GantiBaju and that can also use certain moment in Indonesia, same as what Kartumuu does.

Let’s see the effect of the promotion program, both for the brands or Kartumuu and how the response from the users.

Update: I've just read one of Dhiku (from Kartumuu) statement on startuplokal mailing list that Kartumuu didn't get investment from InvestIdea as we previously know. I will try to contact Kartumuu to get more detail. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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