Kaskus Launches New Look in Beta, Adding New Features

Kaskus Launches New Look in Beta, Adding New Features

Kaskus Launches New Look in Beta, Adding New Features
Kaskus Launches New Look in Beta, Adding New Features

Starting 9PM, on Monday, June 9, 2012, Kaskus has launched its new look named Kaskus Beta. The new look – aside from accessible to member with invitation – also has new features which did not exist in the previous versions. This look of Kaskus Beta is different from the previous Kaskus Beta.

To test this Beta version, Kaskus broadens the number of user legible to try on the Beta version. Users only need to register their username and ID in a form provided by Kaskus. By filling the form, after some time, user will get an invitation to participate in trying on this new Beta version. This invitation offer is valid until July 3, 9 PM, yesterday.

As explained in the Help Center Kaskus page, there are at least 4 new features in this Kaskus Beta. The first is of course the new look that claimed to be fresher and friendly so even though it’s new, user will still feel comfortable with the look.

In addition to new look, Kaskus also offers the Search feature that allows user to search certain thread in Kaskus in faster way. User can include some parameter such as price, type, date, username, etc. This search feature is mainly useful to search on Forum Jual Beli.

User who already use the new version of Kaskus when visiting Kaskus will find a personal home page. This page will be filled with newest post or thread by the user’s friends on Kaskus or other users that said user follow. Other than that, Kaskus is now equipped with hotkey feature. This feature spoils the user in browsing through the posts in Kaskus.

In addition to launching a new version, Kaskus also mentions adding server to accommodate its members which almost reaching 4.5 million people. But since the rebranding by changing the domain from Kaskus.us or Kaskus.co.id and Kaskus.com, Kaskus is facing technical issue. Other than often facing overposting, Kaskus sometimes also experiences error in redirecting from Kaskus.com to Kaskus.co.id. This technical issue needs extra attention for when the new version of Kaskus is launched, will be a success in spoiling the user.

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