ENGLISH Introduces New Features, to Facilitate Developers Creating AI Based Services

Consists of NLP, integrated dashboard, and katalog of various development products

Bintoro Agung - 6 November 2019 secures its position as an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the INTERACT 2019. It's followed by the launching of some new features.

They have ten AI based features and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to launch. There are Kata Flow (a platform to create corporate-rate virtual assistant), Kata NL (a platform to create Natural Language model and )manage insights from conversations), Kata CMS (a platform to create a dashboard to manage and organize chatbot content).

In addition, there are Kata Generator (a platform to create and train Natural Language dataset), Kata Boost (a platform to create and manage marketing campaign in chatbot), Kata Voice (a voice-based virtual assistant), Kata Omnichat (a dashboard to manage customer service), Kata Assist (a feature to support fast-response from customer service), Kata WhatsApp Dashboard (dashboard to manage and automate WhatsApp chats), and Katalog (a feature to find and utilize the developer's result on Kata Platform).

"Some feature is done [deploy]. Those are Kata Flow, Kata NL, next week we have Omnichat, and Kata Voice for next year,"'s Co-Founder & CEO, Irzan Raditya said.

Some features were made to facilitate engineers and developers to build their own products. In his speech on INTERACT, Raditya said the company is to contribute more as an enabler to accelerate new AI-based solutions in Indonesia.

"As our future vision, we want to be an integrated all-in-one AI platform to answer all problems in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In fact, our focus is still to develop the best AI conversation in Indonesia," he added.

One of the features he shows off to the media is Kata Voice. To put it simply, Kata Voice is an AI Bot that capable to answer customer's questions through the phone. This feature is projected to reduce the load of call center service in a company. mentioned four sectors that will benefit from their features. Those are social commerce, financial services, health services, and education.

Some of new features are free to access in a limited section. Some are using the subscription system.

In addition to the new features, also announced its first hackathon result named KataHack. They also plan to make this event annual to help developers create AI-based solutions.

"Furthermore, the app is to be available in the Katalog. It's like App Store or Play Store for the app to be used or for trial by all Indonesians. Whether there will be collaborations or other plans are not scheduled, but we want to develop an ecosystem for Indonesian developers," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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