ENGLISH Joins a Strategic Partnership with Instagram for the Latest Innovation is the only Indonesian based company selected in this partnership

Bintoro Agung - 25 October 2020

The good news arrived from A startup that focuses on developing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), was selected as one of the few technology companies to benefit from the Instagram Messenger API.

A concrete act as become the only Indonesian based partner for Instagram is a new feature on's omnichannel dashboard called Kata Instagram Solution. This service allows business owners who use to connect Instagram's direct message for the omnichannel platform.

"Kata Instagram Solution allows business owners to manage messages and conversations from consumers in a sustainable and more effective manner. This will make it easier for them to create higher interactions and serve customers better,"'s Co-Founder & CEO Irzan Raditya said in a written statement.

This partnership did not happen overnight. They have already established good relations with Facebook - as the parent company of Instagram - when they were appointed as official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider partners in 2019. Irzan also explained that they have been working with Facebook several times to help their clients integrate and build solutions on Facebook Messenger's platform.

He further explained, through the word Instagram Solution, business owners who use Instagram can handle conversation messages on social media creatively and boost customer engagement via Direct Messages. The new service has been effective for their clients to use.

"As for the products currently being developed, business owners can use the Omnichat word product to be able to manage incoming inquiries through the Diret Message API," he added.

The fact that is selected as a platform that can use the Instagram API is arguably significant. It is well known that Instagram is the most popular social media in the world after Facebook. Their monthly active users are more than one billion with an average usage of about 53 minutes per day. In Indonesia alone, it is estimated that Instagram is used by 69 million users.

There is an increasing trend of customers contacting business owners via direct messages compared to telephone or email. That's why expects big on this new product. In late 2018, Instagram made a survey regarding the number of businesses using Instagram. The results show that 52% of business owners are directed their consumers to their Instagram business profiles. "Therefore we can see the potential is quite large and it is important for business owners to have an integrated messaging platform of conversation."

Instagram also welcomes its collaboration with They confirmed that this collaboration is indeed possible to help businesses and their customers to interact more closely.

"The Messenger API for Instagram service enables business owners and developers to manage communication with customers on Instagram at scale," Konstantinos Papamiltiadis said as a VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger. is the only company from Indonesia selected by Facebook in this program. Apart from, several other companies were selected, including Hootsuite, Zendesk, GoDaddy, MobileMonkey, and Sprinklr. plans to develop this new product with other features according to the demand of its users. However, Irzan said that currently the Kata Instagram Solution service is limited to enabling business owners to manage incoming inquiries via the Direct Message API.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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