ENGLISH Updated to a New Version, Introduces "Bot Template" Feature

Facilitate developers to create chatbot

Prayogo Ryza - 8 August 2018

Chatbot service provider startup launches the latest platform, Kata Platform 2.5. In the latest version, has some new updates, including better UI/UX, bot template, a more complete documentation and easier tracking error.

"Overall, the improvement we've done in this version has made the platform easier to use than the previous one. The current UI (User Interface) is more user-friendly, and reduce the learning curve for developers when first using the platform. Obviously, it can fasten the chatbot making process. Particularly with the templates to use by the developer in creating chatbot, and a more complete documentation as references," Irzan Raditya,'s CEO, explained.

One of the highlights in this updates is the bot templates. A feature providing chatbot samples in Kata Platform which changeable and ready to use by developers. Therefore, the chatbot development process doesn't start from zero. currently has 3 chatbot templates, Bot API (chatbot which can connect to the 3rd party API), Button Bot (chatbot that comes with buttons as the UI elements in conversation), and Shopping Bot (chatbot which can be used to facilitate transactions or purchases). The number of chatbots IS promised to be increased due to various needs.

Raditya mentioned, is quite confident about the latest platform. It can't be separated from many users' input accommodated in the latest update.

"We want the chatbot development process in this platform to be faster, for many developers creating chatbot. Since the 2.5 platform launched a few weeks ago, thousands of active bots are created by the developers using our platform," he added.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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