Kleepon Launches Loyalty Program to Bind Customers

Andi Miftachul - 17 April 2012

Unlike most daily deals sites Kleepon seems to realize the weakness in the system. Customers will only come to the merchant when there is discount offered on daily deals site. If the discount is no more, then the customers will not come to the merchant to do any transaction. In the long run, this situation will eventually harm the merchant who collaborate with daily deals sites.

Therefore, Kleepon pioneered a new marketing system in daily seals field called “Loyalty”. With this Loyalty program, every customer who shops again at the merchant who works with Kleepon, will get a Loyalty Point. The Loyalty Points will be accumulated and can be redeemed with a free gift or rewards offered by the merchant.

Hendy Putra, Director of PT. Kleepon Indonesia, in a press released received by DailySocial, said, “Kleepon Loyalty aims to support Promo Store program so merchant does not give discount for nothing, but attracting customer to be loyal customers, which would give added value to the merchant.”

Point accumulation process is carried out by Kleepon’s system so merchants do not required new point of sales (POS) system or some kind of membership card which procurement and installation cost quite lots of money. In the end, Kleepon’s Loyalty program is claimed to be able to replace membership program or other loyalty program by the merchant to attract customers to become loyal customers.

Examples of merchants that have joined the Loyalty program is I-ta Suki and Diva Karaoke which give gifts of free vouchers and Karaoke Room for customers who have accumulated certain points.

The tight competition of daily deals sites makes the players in this field must be smart to innovate in attracting coupon hunters more than anything else. Some are innovating in a way that facilitated easier payment; others innovate by making different offers.

Actually, Kleepon is not the first to launch a customer loyalty program. Similar program has been presented by PlayHawaii with its Perx. The effectiveness of this program to be implemented in Indonesia will be able to be seen through Kleepon. What do you think? Will it succeed? is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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