KLN Introduces InFeed, Aims for Better Advertising Performance (UPDATED)

Michael Erlangga - 17 September 2015

KapanLagi Network (KLN)’s CMO Ben Soebiakto believes that native advertisement is a new revolution in digital content business whose implementation starts becoming a mainstream in Indonesia. Thus, as a pioneer of content provider in Indonesia, it’s almost like an obligation for KLN to contribute more to the industry. Therefore, the team launched InFeed, a native advertisement platform that may target much more proper audience.

During a session with DailySocial (15/9), Soebiakto stated that the platform is able to distribute content to the right audience, thanks to the simplicity and feature flexibility it presents during the distribution process.

“InFeed is a revolution of digital advertorial. Advertisers and agencies will be able to use the platform to submit any content that they want to distribute to the right and relevant media,” Soebiakto continued.

At the moment, the KLN team are curating agencies, picking those with prominent brand and reputation. As they still need several adjustments, Soebiakto expects that the platform can be used by exclusive users whom the team invite.

As time goes by, InFeed promises easier content distribution, more flexibility in term of budget, and more proper audience to users. When the project is completed, everyone can use the platform as easy as accessing Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

“What InFeed offers is more than an ordinary platform ads, but native ads. If Google focuses on search result, and Facebook focuses on social aspect, InFeed will emphasize on the content itself. InFeed doesn’t directly compete with the advertising method, as it complements other providers,” Soebiakto added.

InFeed will accommodate any possible industry for any interested advertiser, regardless on their size. The partnership will later be expanded, from well-known media to personal blogs.

“So far, KLN has 200 editors from various industries who are specifically expected to fulfill the needs of advertisers. Although InFeed will be automatically set according to audience, it will still need guidance from PR and agencies who will get out every point of view and key message from the content,” he further explained.

He claimed that all contents that InFeed offer will be mobile-friendly. “Unlike the desktop version which has so many distractions, native ads content on mobile will be more visible as users scroll and swipe,” he ended.

Update: We add a video showing our interview session with Ben Soebiakto


Translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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