Koprol Starts Their Hiring Frenzy

Rama Mamuaya - 19 July 2010

It didn't take too long before Koprol starts their hiring frenzy after the well-publicized acquisition by Yahoo last May. Koprol announced the open vacancy at their blog for developers, community managers and also operational engineers. This hiring, of course, is a breakthrough for Koprol after the development got stalled for a few months before the acquisition.

From the descriptions on the blog, it is clear that Koprol is heavily focusing on their mobile platform for various devices and platforms. They're recruiting Blackberry, iPhone, Android, other Java-based programmers and even User Interface designers. They also opens up a position for Community Managers for handling their growing number of offline gatherings for their users all over Indonesia and Singapore. In Indonesia, offline event is mandatory for keeping the community alive and growing.

It's clearly a good thing for Koprol for adding new resources, especially after they receive numerous publications even before the Yahoo-acquisition announcements. Seems like Indonesian people have been expecting for something local like Koprol and it ends up pretty well for Koprol.

Although almost 2 months after the announcement they haven't add more features for the service, it is most likely that we're going to hear something from Koprol in near time. Be it mobile apps, new design for their mobile/web or even monetizing plan. But i personally doubt they will come with a business plan sometime soon, i mean, that's the point of getting acquired : you don't have to think too much about a business plan anymore.

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