KreditGogo Helps Users Meeting Their Financial Needs

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 16 October 2014

Even though have yet tasted any fruitful achievement, the attempts of promoting banking products have never been shut. In fact, after a number of websites, e.g iMoney Indonesia, HaloMoney, and KreditAja, are made online in order to help people deciding banking products that fit them best by comparing various available products. KreditGogo is now there to do pretty much the same. The website provides tons of banking products recommendation, ranging from credit card, insurance, to housing loans.

In general, it is fair to say that KreditGogo is an e-commerce website which displays various banking products. From all kinds of products, KreditGogo focuses on credit card, loans, and insurance. According to our observation, there are more than 27 institutions providing those three products that are being compared by KreditGogo, and most of them are quite popular among the people.

The way KreditGogo displays its product comparison is not way different from other similar websites. To ease the users, the website provides the comparison in detail and sorts it according to users’ needs. Moreover, the application form is also provided on the same page. Despite having lots in common, KreditGogo has one excellence which no competitor could cope with. As being stated on its FAQ page, the platform is quite serious in helping users meeting their financial needs. This is reflected from the fact that KreditGogo will help users applying for the products to the finance institutions they choose. I’m not sure about the procedure, but I assume that KreditGogo will act as a courier who deliver users’ application to the institutions.

That procedure seems to be the most logical one, as such third-party banking agent is not uncommon among the people. What differentiates KreditGogo from other agencies is that it is online. That being said, to know that the platform monetizes from the fee that it receives after successfully adding new customers to its partners’ (finance institution) database is not surprising. The more customers KreditGogo adds, the more money it receives.

KreditGogo is an in-house product of PT Celebes Artha Ventura (Celebes Capital), a national company which works on investment business in various sectors since 1996. The company invests most of its money to fund finance companies, but works on mining and agriculture industry as well.

As far as we know, Celebes Capital has yet laid any of its fingers on IT industry. In this regard, while building its own fortune, KreditGogo may just be the pioneer who can turn the company’s eyes towards the promising technology industry.

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