Kurio Targets One Million Downloads in 2015

Hesti Pratiwi - 27 November 2014

Mobile news reader Kurio never stops innovating. It’s just this week that the platform launched its latest feature called “Favorite”, which enables users marking their preferred articles in order to read them some other time. Kurio also expects that by 2015, the team can release the tablet version of the app which, hopefully, will be downloaded at least one million times.

“Updates will be routinely and continuously done. Our team is highly productive. At the moment, our focus would be to generate much better user experience in order to attract more prospects. We have gathered tons of users who find that Kurio is really helpful to assist them looking for attractive articles,” stated Satya Witoelar, Kurio’s VP of Product.

David Wayne Eka, Kurio’s founder, added that since the app’s launching in September and the sealing of the funding from Cyber Agent Ventures (CAV), Kurio’s number of users keeps increasing. Eka noted that since last September, the number has been multiplied up to 50%.

“Since the launching we have 50% more users and 70 thousand downloads. Our monthly active users reach more than 50%,” Eka said. He continued that it’s not only about the fact that more than half of Kurio’s users actively accessing the platform, but also the engagement level which reaches 40%. It was shown by the increase of users’ activities in each and every session.

Witoelar took the floor and said that a big project regarding to the app’s UI and UX is about to be started by the end of this year. A number of features will be introduced, including additional social element and a method to match content with users’ needs, thus making them more personal.

Eka added that all those plans will also be implemented to the tablet version. “There are many requests for the tablet version of the app already. It opens our chance of reaching much more users,” Eka enthusiastically continued.

At the moment, the users of iOS8 may get the latest articles through Today View at the Notification Center. As for Android users, Kurio would be best operated on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Partnership with Communities

In expanding its content, Kurio doesn’t only partner with content owners but also communities. The partnership allows Kurio to give unique and distinctive news to its readers. This smart news app works two ways, both as users’ portal to get information about the communities and communities’ vehicle to reach out more users. It would be very beneficial for users, particularly when it comes to promoting their events and activities to the public.

Kurio supports communities that look to share knowledge and information. So far, it has partnered with Greenpeace, Gerak Cepat, and Social Media Strategist Club (SMSC).

“Through our partnership with communities, Kurio looks to provide unique information which doesn’t only come from everyday stories, but also from the activities of the communities,” Eka explained.

Plan for 2015

In 2015, Kurio looks to be even more aggressive in netting much more users, not only by marketing its services, but also by establishing as many partnership with communities as possible.

“We have signed a number of partnership with communities and organization and allow them to distribute their content at Kurio. Kurio will help communities to educate the public as well as increase people’s awareness  to their issue and what they stand for,” Eka said.

Kurio’s target for next year would be to reach one million downloads and 500 thousand active users. Eka mentioned, “We will also work on a series B funding to support our growth next year.”

Eka admitted that Kurio still needs additional talents, especially for its engineering and design team. It has now had 25 employees, and half of them are engineers. He also emphasized that the team will always stick to Kurio’s DNA, which is to combine good technology with cool design.

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