Lawgo Introduces Marketplace App for Lawyer Service

There are two leading features, "Chat with Lawyer" and "Meet with Lawyer"

Bintoro Agung - 28 July 2020

The demand for legal services in Indonesia is quite high. It is also shown in the number of local legaltech and regtech startups that increase over time. The high-demand and not-inclusive law services have inspired Lawgo as legaltech.

Lawgo was founded in November 2018 with Luki Amalah as founder and CEO. The service was launched as a mobile application in last year's first half, but they re-released the application this month. Luki said the reason he created Lawgo was that public access to fair and transparent law enforcement was not really inclusive.

"We've seen Indonesia, in particular, many people are quite oppressed or have lost their rights, yet doing nothing because they don't really know where to go or what to do to for this issue," Luki said.

Product and business model

Lawgo runs B2C business model as a marketplace. With the current platform, users can search and use legal consulting services of some lawyers. The types of legal services they provide are also quite diverse ranging from mediation, criminal defense, advocacy, debt problems, to divorce.

Luki said that Lawgo made revenue by taking fee from each transaction that occurred. This fee is included in the price of the services offered to customers.

"For any lawyer who wants to join to become a Lawgo partner and submit their profile on our application, it's free, but when they start accepting clients through our application, then the amount of fee they receive will be deducted for the Lawgo fee portion," Luki explained.

To date, there have been quite a few lawyers partners who joined Lawgo, while the number of their app downloads has reached over 1000. There are at least two Lawgo's leading features, Chat with Lawyer and Meet the Lawyer.

Both features have a fixed rate. Chat with Lawyer costs around Rp. 17,500 to Rp. 30,000 for one 20-minute session. While the Meet the Lawyer feature (to be released soon) will cost around Rp. 300,000-Rp. 500,000 per consultation.

"The different rate based on the lawyer classification, young and senior based on experience," Luki added.

Short-term target

As a relatively new startup, Luki said education, introduction, and branding to the market are still Lawgo's main focus. They also intend to develop new features to enrich their services. One of them is a feature that allows lawyers to assist clients to get right to court.

Luki saw the pandemic as an opportunity for Lawgo's legal services to be more widely known by the public. The reason, the community's concern about Covid-19 limits the movement of some people. That means that legal services based on the mobile application Lawgo could potentially be used by more people.

Thus, it is not surprising when Luki said Lawgo, a bootstrap startup, is yet to raise funding. "We've thought about fundraising, but it'll not before early next year, mainly because our focus is more on brand and product introduction, also education to the public about the Lawgo service," Luki concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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