Lingkaran, an Edtech Startup, Does "Rebranding" to Boost Entrepreneurship

Prepares multiple programs to welcome industry 4.0 era

Prayogo Ryza - 1 October 2018 (lingkaran) made an official rebranding, focused on realistic, relevant, and progressive values. With the brand new face, lingkaran tries to create a place for people to improve their skills and creativity, especially in the entrepreneurship area.

lingkaran is a creative education platform, founded in 2014 and having the vision to bridge formal education output with the professional world requirements. lingkaran provides training programs for various types of professional skills.

In producing programs and content, lingkaran collaborates with some parties; from communities, such as CreativeMornings Jakarta and Book for Good; from SMEs, such as Generasi90an and Semesta; and multinational companies include Telkomsel and HSBC. Currently, they have 500 programs, gather 5000 participants, and collaborate with some areas.

2018 to be a crucial year for lingkaran

Aside from rebranding, lingkaran has prepared some plans this year to deal with labor issues in the industry 4.0. One is to optimize the Digital Mastership. This program has been initiated since earlier last year aiming to prepare potential employees which suit the digital company.

"Led by experts and professionals, participants will have more insights in gaining competency and make a broader network to build a career in the industry. Digital Mastership was successfully held in two cities, Jakarta and Bandung," lingkaran team wrote in the official release.

Entrepreneurship becomes a major issue to discuss. Observing from predictions of economic improvement in Indonesia and rapid forecasts for investment growth, lingkaran takes this as the perfect moment to invite and demonstrate entrepreneurship.

They also have a mission to be the home for people from different backgrounds feeling encouraged to learn and explore new potential every day. lingkaran wants to take the role of a bridge between what's owned with what's necessary.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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