Liputan6 Is the Most Popular News Portal, Effective Measure Revealed

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 30 October 2014

In Indonesian online industry, online news portals definitely hold a fundamental role among the society that it may replace the position of conventional news content in the near future. We had even made an article about online news portals which became the actual winner of the latest presidential election, suggesting that those online portals have that much of influence. This condition triggered the Effective Measure (EM) to do a research on the condition of online news portals in Indonesia based on the number of unique browsers that they possess last September. Question is, how was the result?

The research, which was entitled “Effective Measure Monthly Snapshot Report Indonesia", claimed that Liputan6 is the most visited online news portal in Indonesia via mobile devices. According to the calculation, Liputan6 had 11,9 million unique browsers during September 2014, followed by with 11,4 million unique browsers and TribunNews with 8,8 million.

Right after those three giants, other popular news portals like Okezone, Viva, Tempo, and Republika were also included on the list. Republika was ranked last with 2,7 million unique browsers. Interestingly, Kompasiana and Lazada were also included as 10 most visited websites by being placed sixth and eighth respectively. What's surprising is the exclusion of Detik from the list.

What about the demography of visitors which became the research’s main focus? Well, it didn’t serve much information. According to the report, 35,46% of total visitors were aged 25-34 years old. When it comes to gender, 63% of them were male, and the rest were female. Furthermore, 34,5% of them had less than $500 salary per month.

This latest research by EM showed that actually the development of Indonesian internet industry is on the right trend. In this regard, Liputan6 was crowned as the most visited website, followed by other giants which also got visited by millions of visitors. The fact that it is shifting to mobile only gave another indication that the players of the industry will try developing content which are compatible with mobile platform. Given this fact, it won’t be surprising to see that in the near future, developing content for mobile platform would be the focus of local online news portals.

[Diagram: Effective Measure]

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