LocalBrand and Elevenia Go Hand-in-Hand to Stimulate Local Fashion Industry

Prayogo Ryza - 1 October 2015

The increasing hype of e-commerce in Indonesia has affected various aspect, including fashion. Local fashion industry indeed is heavily influenced by the growth of technology nowadays. Local designers and brands start becoming the king of their own home. This takes LocalBrand, an online shopping portal for local brands, to a partnership with Elevenia, which allows the company to open its official store at the e-commerce giant’s website.

Internet indeed has brought new age of trading to Indonesia. As LocalBrand’s Director Dwimayu Budinastiti stated, the time has come for local designers to excel in local market. “Today, people have their own pride upon wearing local brands,” he claimed.

Furthermore, Budinastiti also added that the invasion of foreign e-commerce giants has encourage local brands to escalate themselves even more. “Local players should have tons of innovation, especially in digital field, if they want to level up their business,” he said.

Local brands may now take e-commerce as an alternative to engage themselves way better with the customers. This is where LocalBrand takes part, as it decided to join Elevenia by opening its official store at the website this September.

“To us, this is the partnership and local brand acquisition that we’ve been waiting for all this time,” said Elevenia’s Vice President Marketing Madeleine Guzman.

She added that’s presence at Elevenia will add more options for buyers. “We believe that LocalBrand can give a new horizon to Elevenia’s fashion fleet,” she claimed.

Budinastiti was on the same page. He regarded Elevenia as the vehicle that may allow LocalBrand to escalate its business further. “We are of the belief that the local fashion industry should start shifting its focus to marketplace,” he concluded.


Translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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