Logisly Announces Seed Funding from SeedPlus, Genesia Ventures and Convergence Ventures

The value is undisclosed; to focus on B2B logistics acceleration in Indonesia

Bintoro Agung - 15 August 2019

A logistics transportation solution startup, Logisly, today (8/15) announced seed funding with undisclosed value. The round was led by SeedPlus, Genesia Ventures and Convergence Ventures.

“With the founder’s experience on logistics and construction, we’re glad to support Logisly that we believed to have a unique position in providing innovative solutions for all the industry problems,” Tiang Lim Foo of SeedPlus said in the official release.

Logisly is a platform that connects producers (shippers) with logistics truck (transporters). Approximately 5 thousand trucks and hundreds of transporters are available with some variants, such as van, trailer, tronton, and flatbed.

The startup aims for B2B logistics market in Indonesia. They estimated for 8 million unit trucks all over Indonesia with economic value reaching up to US$100 billion.

As predicted, the logistics industry in Indonesia worth as much as Rp797.3 trillion last year and predicted to grow 11.56 per cent to Rp889.4 trillion this year. Logisly aims for 1,000 transporters and 1,000 shippers.

“As a B2B platform, we guarantee the consistency of our service and product quality, consumers can rely on us to be part of their supply chain,” Logisly’s CEO, Roolin Njotosetiadi said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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