Lombok Becomes XL Axiata’s 1800 MHz 4G/LTE Pilot Project

Michael Erlangga - 7 July 2015

As we reported, a number of telecommunication operators in Indonesia launched their version of 4G LTE commercialization on 1800 MHz frequency all at once yesterday (6/7). Whilst Telkomsel picked Makassar, Indosat chose Balikpapan and XL Axiata opted Lombok, Mataram, as own launching site.

XL’s decision to pick Lombok is the company’s token of appreciation to the people living around NTB. There, there are reportedly 1.200 BTS being built, which will be dedicated to serve no less than 1,5 million XL’s customers. In NTB’s Capital, 14 4G BTS have covered all areas including the center of the governance, shopping centers, and many others. The team have also owned three XL Centers in Pejanggik, Selong, and Mataram Mall.

“XL has a special relationship with the people of Lombok and NTB in general. Ever since entering this area, we’re like a pair made in heaven. The people has always been trusting XL to cover their telecommunication needs, and now encompassing the need of data and internet services as well. The market interest is more than 85%, hence an honour for XL to be able to be here. Therefore, as XL’s token of appreciation for the people of NTB, we present our first 4G LTE service on 1800 MHz in NTB’s Capital,” said XL’s Director Service Management Ongki Kurniawan in the press release we received (6/7).

XL serves SIM card exchange, direct and fast 4G activation, and other promotional services, all for free. After Mataram, XL targets other main cities like Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Jakarta, upon its attemps of presenting up to 100 MBps internet access service in 2015.

Later on, the customers of 900 MHz frequency in Medan, Bogor, and Yogyakarta may also enjoy the services on 1800 MHz frequency. There are more than 200 BTS in all service areas to cover more than 200 thousand customers.

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