M Cash Subsidiary Introduces GOWES, Bike Sharing Service in Jakarta

Partners with Jakarta Smart City

Randi Eka - 3 August 2018

M Cash subsidiary held a trial for bike sharing service "GOWES" in Monas, Jakarta. The concept will be similar to other existing platforms, such as oBike, Ofo, and so on.

PT Surya Teknologi Perkasa (STP), the initiator, partners with local government through Jakarta Smart City . For its debut act, as many as 100 units of GOWES bikes are available in Monas.

"We're glad by this trial as a way of marking the initial step of the bike sharing system in Jakarta. We expect bikes to be the short-route transportation options for public, given the positive impact it'll bring, such as pollution-free and affordable cost," Iwan Suryaputra, STP's Chairman, said.

Previously, GOWES has been available in Bintaro Jaya and some area in Bali. GOWES bike sharing platform is one of STP's further development after Tracking Device & Digital Indonesia Map initiation. The technology implementation allows users to put the bike anywhere, as long within GOWES operational areas.

Tracking Device & Digital Indonesia Map attached to the bike allows GOWES team to track its bike location and collect it.

Those who are using the GOWES bike can download the app via Google Play Store and App Store. Top up credit can be done using M Cash digital kiosk.

Regarding bike sharing service, a regional player oBike, previously has announced the plan for operational expansion in Jakarta after Bandung. However, the plan has not realized yet, given Singapore's oBike service has been shut down.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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