Malang Formed Startup Community

Malang Formed Startup Community

Malang Formed Startup Community
Malang Formed Startup Community

Startups communities are rising up in Indonesia. After Bancakan (Jogjakarta), Fowab (Bandung), Startuplokal (Jakarta), and Suwec (Surabaya), now Malang is forming Komunitas Startup Singo Edan Malang or Stasion.

The community is build by activists like Amar, Revandi, Agung Firdaus, Meru Vipasana, Rizky Yuniar and Arie Putri on March 26, 2011, aiming to become “stasion” or station for startups in Malang. Malang is one unique city; many of our friends are now become one of players in startup and technology world. It’s about time for Malang to show their potential in technology and entrepreneurship.

Stasion Community held their first event yesterday on May 18, 2011 at Islamic Centre Almarkazi Building, Jl Soekarno Hatta, Malang at 14.00-18.00. The workshop’s theme was Innovation on Digital Economy and Digital Entrepreneurship, collaborated with Brawijaya University, Malang.

We, DailySocial team, are really happy for Stasion Community, we see passion and spirit from Stasion team to bring forward their community and DailySocial will keep on supporting in any form to bring forward startup ecosystem in Indonesia.

Malang, we are waiting for your best startups. 😉

For further info you can check out their official website Stasion.

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