MatahariMall is Confident in Conquering Local Market

Michael Erlangga - 10 September 2015

It seems that Lippo Group is really serious on turning MatahariMall into one of biggest players in local industry. This, and the massive investment it sealed couple of months ago, have made MatahariMall more than confident to capitalize Indonesia. One of its attemps of doing so is by installing e-Lockers in locations, thanks to the partnership with Popbox.

The newly operating service claims that it has had 1200 merchants registered in its database. It makes MatahariMall believe that it has what it takes to win people’s heart.

“This launching is done in the right time. We’ll lose the money if we’re too early, but we’ll lose the momentum if we’re too late. Moreover, our team consist of the best men in the industry, meaning that we may save more time spent for market research. We know the field already,” Hadi Wenas, MatahariMall’s CEO, told DailySocial (9/9).

To materialize its ambition, MatahariMall partners with SMEs. Hadi Wenas also reveals that his team are full with crazy innovation that will lead to a whole new experience of online shopping to people of Indonesia.

“Innovation doesn’t wait a company to be big, we can start it right now within a small team. Our team have had numerous crazy experiments these past few months. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, at least we tried,” he admitted.

MatahariMall doesn’t want to be merely an online mall. Wenas and his Chairman Emirsyah Satar commit to make MatahariMall as one of national economic pillars. Thus, they don’t only look for profit, but also an active role in social communities and association, like joining idEA (Association of E-Commerce Indonesia) for instance.

Wenas further stated that MatahariMall has so far had two version of mobile app, which are Android-based and iOS-based. In the meantime, both are in the middle of testing and finalization phase. He claimed that there will be a unique feature being exclusively equipped to the app.

Indonesia first

MatrahariMall sets conquering Indonesia as its main focus for the time being. Once this has been accomplished, Satar admitted that his team would be ready to go global.

“We must be realistic that Indonesia is a tough market. After establishing ourselves here, we will target regional, and even global market. But Indonesia is our sole focus for now,” he said.

To support the idea, MatahariMall will distribute eLocker facilities in numerous locations to be used as a temporary storage point of purchased items. This scheme is a result of a partnership between MatahariMall and Popbox. The eLockers will be placed at Matahari stores all over Indonesia.

translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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