MDI Ventures Leads Series C Funding Worth of 57 Billion Rupiah for Singapore’s E-commerce Enabler Anchanto

Anchanto's presence in Indonesia will be collaborated with Telkom and PT Pos Indonesia's DELON

Randi Eka - 5 July 2018

MDI Ventures leads the series C funding for Anchanto. The amount invested for the Singapore-based company was worth $4 million (or 57,5 billion Rupiah). Anchanto receives a Series B funding from Transcosmos Inc Japan and Luxasia Group in May 2017. Anchanto SaaS platform connects users, either corporate or SMEs, for over 70 online channels.

Anchanto is the SaaS developer for e-commerce technology. Its products include logistics management services, warehousing, catalogs, also multi-channel sales to help brands, retails, sellers, and distributors, in improving the e-commerce capabilities. Outside Singapore, Anchanto currently has representative offices in several countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, and Australia.

Anchanto was founded by Vaibhav Dabhade in June 2011 with a vision to improve e-commerce customers experience through software solution. With this Series C funding. the company expects to optimize investment for market expansion and tighten its position in SEA’s regional market.

“Collaboration with Telkom Indonesia and MDI investment is Anchanto’s basic strategy in Indonesia. Through this partnership, we aim to bring thousands of Indonesia’s SMEs and companies to join e-commerce potential,” Dabhade said.

Dabhade also mentioned about DELON (Online Logistics Depo), the logistics fulfillment service utilized by Telkom and POS Indonesia that’s running on top of Anchanto eWMS platform. Anchanto is expected to be a digital solution for sales channels, enabling entrepreneurs to scale up business in SEA’s largest e-commerce market.

“Telkom Group will use Anchanto technology to provide O2O solution integration and e-logistic, including capabibility for cross-border delivery, multi-location warehousing, enabling companies to reach global market using SelluSeller and eWMS,” Natal Iman Ginting, Managing Director of Metra Logistics (Telkom Indonesia’s Logistics Division), added.

SelluSeller is one of Anchanto’s unique product accessible for sellers and brands to provide the software solution for management inventory, order, and catalogs. The product is complementing other solution for B2B and B2C, namely eCommerce SaaS Warehouse Management System (eWMS) integrated with Management System (IMS) and Order Manaagement System (OMS).

Nicko Widjadja, CEO and Investment Director of MDI Ventures said, this investment will complete their end-to-end solution for the current e-commerce business in their portfolio, including to create a national e-commerce ecosystem. MDI was previously involved in funding for other e-commerce enabler funding, like aCommerce and Paket ID

“The investment compliments our efforts in the e-commerce sector, handling Indonesia’s unique logistic market segment with a different approach. Logistics technology has great potential to improve e-commerce landscape in Indonesia. As products become more diverse, e-commerce will need to optimize the supply chain for fast delivery to customers. eWMS Anchanto provides one of the best system to synchronize across warehousing, transportation, and analysis system,” Widjadja explained.

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