MDI Ventures to Lead Series B Round for mClinica Healthtech

mClinica provides supply chain digitization solutions for pharmacies and patient administration management

MDI Ventures is reported to have reinvested in Singapore-based healthtech startup mClinica for $17.4 million (approximately 248 billion Rupiah). DailySocial.id has reached MDI Ventures to confirm this, but there is no feedback until this news is published.

Based on our source, MDI Ventures led the Series B round with several other investors, including SAI Global, Johnson & Johnson Foundation Scotland, and the Global Innovation Fund.

MDI Ventures was first participated in mClinica's Series A funding in 2017 led by Unitus Impact and the Global Innovation Fund. The potential for business integration offered by mClinica with the Telkom Group ecosystem has captured MDI Ventures' interest.

MDI Ventures' previous CEO, Nicko Widjaja said, Indonesia's health ecosystem has grown rapidly in recent years since the rise of the national health system. Telkom Indonesia, through Admedika and Telkomedika, has worked very closely with the government and the healthcare industry to deliver quality healthcare services across the country.

“mClinica's products and solutions should match this initiative. Together we can introduce innovative business models that enable better quality healthcare while reducing the burden on the supporting ecosystem. We are very enthusiastic to support mClinica's market expansion to Indonesia along with our innovation in managing health services in this country."

mClinica alone has stepped up its presence in Indonesia since 2014 with a legal entity PT mClinica Health Solutions. Through its platform, mClinica enables leading multinational pharmaceutical companies, governments, NGOs and academic institutions to obtain previously inaccessible data and run patient programs that directly touch the population at the local pharmacy level. In keeping with its mission to unite the world's pharmacies to transform global health data and advance patient health.

Quoted from Suara.com, mClinica has an application-based solution called SwipeRx which is available in six countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia) with more than 200 thousand pharmacies. This application is a community formed by mClinica for pharmacists in Southeast Asia to increase digital capacity in the pharmaceutical world with educational, research, marketplace, and information features.

In the marketplace, there is a SwipeRx Shopping feature that allows pharmacy owners to easily restock medicines. Pharmacy owners can find products quickly through easy-to-use search features, competitive prices, and faster delivery. This featureis availale on the Java island, including Bandung, Cimahi, Cirebon, Semarang, and Surabaya.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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