Microsoft Expects Office 365 to Improve People’s Productivity with Remote Working

Michael Erlangga - 26 September 2015

Microsoft perfects its Office 2016 with numerous features to accommodate the remote working trend. During its launching in Jakarta (23/9), Microsoft Indonesia’s President Director Andreas Diantoro voiced his support for users who want to work remotely so that they may accelerate their performance and productivity as well as save their time.

“We are now in the era of mobile, we look to empower people to be able to perform without having to rely on certain device (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone). Office 2016 is specifically designed to let you work anywhere at anytime,” Diantoro stated.

He further emphasized that the Co-Authoring feature enables one document to be edited by multiple users at the same time. His team are also in the course of encouraging SMEs to apply technology as a mean of improving their productivity.

“We want SMEs and individual to use Office 2016, so that they can maintain their productivity although working outside the office,” he added.

Microsoft’s Microsoft Office Business Group Head Lucky Gani was on the same page, as he stated that it takes three key factors, namely People, Place, and Technology, to make the new ecosystem work.

The people of Indonesia, especially those in Jakarta, are considered to be familiar with the concept of remote working already, so that implies the first factor. As for Place, there are more and more cafe and restaurants providing Wi-Fi connection within their building, so that’s no longer an issue as well. The challenge would be the third one, which is Technology. Hence, Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365.

“To me, the best place to work remains the office, since we can meet and do face-to-face discussion. But office isn’t the only place, and working isn’t necessarily done at offices. Thus we want to offer our tech solution to facilitate the public to work from anywhere, using any device,” Gani concluded.

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