Ministry Starts Pushing Local ISP To Block Google Public DNS

Rama Mamuaya - 7 October 2014

Shocking. Just today we got informed that some of giant ISPs in Indonesia start prohibiting the using of Google Public DNS by its users as part of the agreements that the companies reached with the government, in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information, through the Trust+ program.

This information has spread in no time. Biznet’s blockage towards the Google DNS has even been discussed at one of Reddit’s threads. “Prior to the instruction from the Ministry, Biznet will only allow our customers to use our very own DNS,” Adi Kusma, the CEO of Biznet, confirmed about the news. Actually, Telkom Speedy is also reportedly doing the same thing, but we have yet got any confirmation from the company.

Google Public DNS itself is a DNS resolution service served by Google as an alternative to ISP’s DNS. It is much better than local ISP’s DNS in a number of parameters, and some of them are speed, reliability, and privacy. To have this Google Public DNS blocked is apparently one of our government’s attempts to further control and oversee the Indonesia’s internet traffic, let alone the issue of tapping done by the U.S government.

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