MixRadio Is Officially Introduced in Indonesia

Michael Erlangga - 8 June 2015

Online music streaming platform MixRadio officially made its way to Indonesia. Claiming itself as a personalized service, MixRadio is ready to mix 35 million songs available in its catalogue, compatible with Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, for free. After being acquired by LINE, MixRadio will make use of LINE’s vast popularity as its marketing channel.

MixRadio, previously known as Nokia Music and has been developed since 2007, was firstly introduced for Nokia and Windows Phone users. However, after being available for Android and iOS since May 19, 2015, it’s presence suddenly was a hit. MixRadio was placed sixth on the ‘top free’ category and even first on ‘top new free’ for Music & Radio at Google Play Store. The same goes at App Store, after MixRadio secured a position in top twenty apps in Music category.

Upon entering Indonesia, MixRadio has done couple of adjustments such as compressing the file size without degrading the file quality. According to MixRadio’s Director for Asia Pacific Jamie Robertson, the scheme is implemented to reduce the consumption of data package as Indonesians do really care about this. A lot.

“We own a gigantic catalogue, and international class content. We conveniently listen to the needs of Indonesians, thus allowing MixRadio to do quick maneuvers in Indonesia at no time,” he stated.

After being acquired, MixRadio works hand in hand with LINE Indonesia. As an information distribution channel, LINE has launched MixRadio’s official account, which has been followed by nearly 20 thousand users. The account will release latest roll-outs the service has as well as song recommendation in an attractive way. In addition, LINE will also launch MixRadion stickers anytime soon.

“As a LINE-acquired company, we today launch MixRadio’s official account on LINE Messenger. This account is our marketing channel to reach more MixRadio users. After the account, we will also launch MixRadio sticker on LINE Messenger this coming June 9,” Robertson announced.

When being asked about the number of downloads those three have collected so far in Indonesia, he denied giving more info. He insisted that the short-term target will be millions. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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