Modalku’s Parent Company to Proceed with Series C Funding Worth Over 625 Billion Rupiah

Took a streamline operations initiative amid pandemic, resulting employees layoff in Indonesia

Marsya Nabila - 21 April 2020

Modalku’s parent company, Funding Societies, is said to raise series C funding worth of $40 million (over 625 billion Rupiah). It was first published by TechInAsia.

Further details are yet to announce since the process is still ongoing. Modalku’s Co-Founder & CEO, Reynold Wijaya, confirmed the news to DailySocial. “Close soon” he said.

In general, he said the fresh money will be distributed to support all aspects of the company’s strategies, including to empower Indonesia’s SMEs. “We’ll keep monitoring the global economic situation in order for this funding can be optimized.”

The current wave of the Covid-19 pandemic forced Modalku to make various internal and external anticipatory measures. From the external side, the company prepared consideration steps to restructure credit according to the regulator’s recommendations. Reynold claimed his team is currently in discussion with the affected borrowers.

In terms of business, the company has now supported health facilities registered as BPJS Health partners to get early payment from Modalku for the BPJS Health bill until payment is completed. They also provide loan facilities to support the health sector, both suppliers of medical devices and health facilities that require medical devices.

Internally, the company also conducts streamline operations to improve efficiency to simplify the operational process. As Reynold said, in these conditions, it is important for companies to stabilize the company’s pace and continue to grow in a healthy manner. Therefore, he avoids calling the initiative as layoff.

“It is not actually a layoff. In Indonesia, we held streamline operations to be more efficient. Macroeconomic condition due to this pandemic has affected SMEs who happened to be Modalku’s borrowers, hence affected our business operation,” he concluded.

Funding Societies announced Series B funding in 2018 of $25 million. It was led by Softbank Ventures Korea, with participation of  Sequoia India, Alpha JWC Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, Qualgro, and Line Ventures.

Last year, the company received debt funding with an undisclosed value from Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund. The company also invested in in the Series A stage, along with Golden Gate Ventures.

Modalku’s parent company operates in three countries, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Cumulatively, the company has disbursed loans up to Rp14.07 trillion in April 2020. In Indonesia alone, Modalku has channeled Rp3.09 trillion as of March 2020. The total borrowers reached 33,700, consisting of 10,783 institutions and 22,917 individuals.

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