Moka to Release GoStore, Helping Merchant to Create Site for Online Store

Integrated with Gojek's payment and logistics

Randi Eka - 16 October 2020

Moka, a point of sales app startup developer for SMEs, is preparing a new product named GoStore. The platform is designed to help users create and manage their online stores. GoStore is likely to complement the Gojek merchant solution ecosystem as it is known that Moka has been fully acquired by the decacorn.

GoStore is planned to launch in November 2020. In order to use this brand-new platform, users must first be registered with Moka. As the GoStore service will be in the "Online Channel" menu option in the Moka app.

DailySocial tried to contact Moka to confirm its vision to develop this latest platform. However, they avoid providing any information. However, information about GoStore itself can be seen on Moka's help page. It provides information about the application and how to use it.

It is said on the page that users will only need to create a centralized catalog in Backoffice Moka. Then, using GoStore, users can create online shop channels to help with the sales process in various places. The selling site can also be automatically integrated with the marketplace on social media.

Regarding payments, GoStore is automatically integrated with GoPay and the credit/debit card payment system. The logistics section is quite unique as it is integrated with the GoSend feature. Despite the many distribution channels and features implemented, users can centrally manage all their needs on the GoStore dashboard, including sales reporting.

Regarding usage fees, GoStore only charges a merchant discount rate (MDR) of 1.7% for GoPay and 2.5% + Rp1,650 for debit/credit

Social commerce momentum

In April 2020, it was announced that Moka's service had reached users in 100 cities in Indonesia. More than 35 thousand restaurants, cafes, and other retail outlets have used its POS mobile application. Using GoStore, Moka strives to encourage these business people to enter the online selling concept.

Although it has not been officially announced, it is possible that merchants (especially in the culinary sector) will be encouraged to enter GoFood ecosystem as well.

The concept of GoStore is basically social commerce, which is to empower online networks (social media, marketplaces, e-commerce, etc.) for product distribution. This service can be relevant to Moka users because not all businesses are suitable to go online using Tokopedia or Shopee-style marketplaces. For example, the outlet for Nasi Padang (Indonesia's signature food), is more suitable to have its own online sales site or on social media, so it is easy to limit the reach of publication/distribution.

The pandemic is also said to be a momentum for social commerce penetration, the existence of various social restrictions resulting in digital solution to maintain and promote business.

Some players have actually provided similar services - making it easy for small businesses to optimize online sales channels - namely Woobiz,, PowerCommerce, Jualo, Halosis, and so on. Indeed, each business has a different value proposition, and for GoStore, the integration with the Moka and Gojek platforms might be an advantage.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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