Movic is Car Rental Marketplace from Astra Digital

Movic is Car Rental Marketplace from Astra Digital

Offers an easy process for car renter and car owner through app-based platform
Movic is launched with a concept to connect car renter with car owner
Movic is launched with a concept to connect car renter with car owner

Astra Digital continues making innovation based on application. Movic is one example. Movic is a service to connect car owner with car renter. The system works to make it easier for car renters to find a suitable car and for car owners to earn additional income by renting out their cars.

The service is available for public since September 2018 for Android platform.

“By developing a digital platform, Astra Digital presents more innovative, relevant, and customer oriented solution. In addition to the on-target solution, customer engagement is also important to reach and tighten relationship to customers, particularly millennials which also Astra’s future,” Dja Tet Fa, Chief of Astra Digital, explained.

As a platform that brings out a concept of connecting car renter with the car owner, Movic gives freedom for prospective car renters to choose car types and rental forms, with or without a driver.

Prospective car renters can select the type of cars, such as hatchbacks, sedan, MPV, SUV, bus, pickup, and luxury. In addition, they can choose the nearest vehicle available.

In terms of car owners, Movic offers additional income by renting a car. All transactions will be recorded and accessible through reports provided in the app. Movic also guarantees every transaction for all accounts has been verified in order to provide security for self-drive rental.

“Movic concept is simple. In Jakarta, for example, besides being able to drive and rent their car, car owners can also rent their unused car while working. The driver can be a trusted friend or the car renter,” Christianto, Movic‘s Product Owner, said.

Movic is well aware that to grow faster and be able to compete in the market, they have to provide additional value. Thus it provides Astra Life insurance for car renters. Those who rent a car in Movic will automatically be listed in Astra Life. It’ll provide a guarantee for all Movic customers in the form of cash for death compensation due to accidents worth of Rp10,000,000 and reimbursement of medical expense by accidents up to Rp1,000,000.

“In a year, Movic will be focused on becoming the top-of-mind online car rental app. In order to achieve the goal, Movic will keep improving the UI/UX for user satisfaction,” Christianto said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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