Movreak 1.0 for Symbian is now available for devices with Symbian^3 platforms (Nokia N8, C7 dan E7) and is available on Nokia apps store, Ovi Store.

Movreak, also one of SparxUp Awards’ winners, is available for free free all iPhone users. Now they are providing application for Symbian users. From their official release sent by Andri Yadi, Movreak founder, this application was developed for 2 months and took 400 working hours.

Movreak provides various facilities like movies that are now playing on theaters, info on the movie (title, director, co-stars) and social element on their application. And the most important thing is movie schedule on XXI and Blitzmegaplex (two main theaters in Indonesia).

What does Movreak 1.0 for Symbian offer? Although not yet had time to try Movreak on Symbian devices, but Andri from Movreak explain to me via email about this app .

Movreak for Symbian’s homepage is different than the one for iPhone. Other than special homepage, several UI elements are neon effect on the hompage, inspired from Tron The Movie. Several backgrounds for the Symbian version are featuring batik pattern, to show that this is an original application from Indonesia and made by Indonesian company and Indonesian developer.

For other menus, like the application for iPhone, users can see movie lists now playing at theaters (XXI dan BlitzMegaplex), reading complete info on the movie by clicking on movie ‘poster’. Through there we can see the schedule and share it to Twitter. And one of the most useful features is seat availability information. Just like Movreak for iPhone, this feature only provides information from BlitzMegaplex.

Several Movreak for Symbian’s differences are, can be seen on the screenshot, is clock icon showing movie schedule. Movreak for Symbian also provides feature to show now playing movies in by list-based, not only movie ‘poster’ but there are also additional information like title, director, and costars.

I myself are a Movreak user and find that their facility is quite helpful. With Movreak for Symbian available, this will add market share for Movreak, especially to respond to smart phone users and face competition with other movie applications like BlitzDroid, although they are not directly in competition (because Movreak provide information not only from Blitzmegaplex) still this tells that users’ demands are surfacing. Developers should respond quickly to this.

Movreak for iPhone and Movreak for Symbian all are now available and ready, let’s wait what for another platform. Movreak for Symbian^3 is available at Ovi Store here.

Oh and by the way, they haven’t done anything to change their logo as I’ve suggested. 😀

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