Berita Stops Offering Discount Voucher

Few months ago, we wrote about two daily deals in Indonesia that stopped their service. They are DetikDeal and MaiPlay. Recently, there is another deal decided to discontinue its service.

This daily deals is This daily deals provide service in Surabaya and its surrounding. The information about has been written on DailySocial in the early August.

The screenshot above is the condition from website. By now, it is empty and there is no new deal offered. We also get information from the FB account of Agnes Magdalena Sutanto ( CEO) that she is going to leave Surabaya. It can be a clear reason that she is not working on anymore.

The last deal offered by was on November 7th, 2011 and there was no other deal offered after that. The last update from its official Facebook account was on November 14th, 2011. While the last update from its Twitter account was on November 7th, 2011.

It is inevitable that daily deals competition in Indonesia is influenced by foreign service, especially for those who acquired some local services. With resource and wide network, these daily deals services are the big competitor for local player. Moreover, the market pie is also shared with other daily deals. Some local players can keep growing and survive but the challenge to make their business big is quite hard. Does the fallen down of those three daily deals show that daily deals business model is not suitable for Indonesian market? Will other daily deals fall prey as well?

Let wait and see the development of other daily deals.

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