Netzme "Grand Launching" in Pekalongan, Soon to IPO

Focus still on financial facilitate for SMEs and creative workers

Randi Eka - 11 March 2019

The social media-based payment app Netzme has just held a grand launching on March 2nd, 2019 in Pekalongan, Central Java. Unlike any other fintech payment, Netzme feature and capability was designed to facilitate SMEs and creative workers in monetization.

Post the launching, some things will be implemented, one is to initiate public offering (IPO). Netzme is planned to enter the stock market in mid-2019. Since March last year, Netzme has listed as fintech organizers in Bank Indonesia.

User's feature updates

Along with user's growth (currently said to reach 2 million), Netzme keep making new features. One leading feature is Truquiz, it allows users to make quiz to be followed by Trufans (nickname for the followers on Netzme) by giving Trulikes (the likes given for the posts with cash nominal). The prize collected from users and distributed for them automatically.

The social media approach is still the main service. What makes it different with others is, Trufans can appreciate a post with Trulikes, in addition, content creator also get additional cash from their Trufans. Currently, Netzme comes from various classes, from entrepreneurs, content creator, artist, musician, and common citizens.

While the previous features getting improved, such as cross-account transfer through chatting, cash transfer to bank account, PPOB voucher transaction, cash register, and QR-Code payment feature for Sellers/SMEs. As its mission to provide financial inclusion in rural, Netzme intensified content strategy and community events.

Content strategy is getting realized by launching web series video in YouTube called "Kolaborasa". While the community events getting intensified through user acquisition, i.e. by building Kampung Digital Netzme or SME's festival - some are held in West Java.

Why Pekalongan city?

Netzme team and brand ambassador in Funtastic Fest 2019 / Netzme

Pekalongan is known as Batik City, it's internationally recognized. The identity goes along with Netzme's effort as a local creation financial app. In addition, Pekalongan also considered suitable with Netzme target market that focuses on SMEs, particularly beginners in entrepreneurship, those people with no information of conventional financial service, workers, and creative community.

Netzme's CEO, Vicky G. Saputra said in his speech, "Collaboration in this series of events is expected to help SMEs business development, creative workers, and various community classes, also better financial inclusion around Pekalongan City with the latest technology."

The main title is "Funtastic Fest Pekalongan 2019", it was held along to celebrate Pekalongan City 113th Anniversary. Aside from its launching, there's also Funtastic Run (5K and 10K distance run), artist performances, and local SMEs fest.

"In this Funtastic Fest Pekalongan 2019 moment, Netzme as 100% loca lcreativity-based payment app can reach more people in rural area and become the best fintech app for SMEs and creative workers in Indonesia," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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