This time, there is new online payment emerges. This payment service is called from CV Exrupiah Putra Mandiri, their soft launching is on last September 18th, 2011.

Cited from the explanation from the official blog: “ExRupiah is the solution for online payment transaction. The name of ExRupiah is the abbreviation of Exchange Rupiah. According to the name, ExRupiah is aimed to facilitate the customers to send and receive money in purchasing safely. It also ensures the rights and obligations both the seller and the customers through the payment system with double security (double key payment system).

Suharjono, co-founder and CEO explained that the payment scheme through Exrupiah is planned to give equality between the sellers and customers that initiated by the customers that indirectly received by the sellers but reduce the money owned by the customers.

As the compensation, both seller and customer will get cancellation code (received by sellers) and confirmation code (received by customers). The cancellation code is for cancelling the transaction so that the money will go back to the customer while confirmation code is to confirm the transaction so that the money is received by the seller.

Thus, both seller and customer will have the same position. The end of the transaction is according to the agreement of both sides. Unfortunately, the users who want to do top-up to add the credit is only able to transfer the money to Exrupiah account in Bank Mandiri. There is no availability for other banks yet.

Suharjono explained that the background of the EXrupiah establishment is the electronic transaction trend which has substituted the cash transaction. Considering the online purchasing activities, Suharjono with other two co-founders developed the online payment system with the positioning as explained previously.

Considering the fast mobile technology trend, Exrupiah also takes the opportunity. Based on the fact that almost all Indonesian people owned mobile phone and the booming trend of smarthphone, Exrupiah takes the mobile segment in the beginning of its development. For now, their service is available for access from the mobile web. Accordingly, it will be available for the web, mobile apps, and SMS gateway version.

From the information on the blog, Exrupiah also offers their service for the sellers and e-commerce business by the EXprice service. It is the facility in the form of payment button that can be customized with the price. Sellers are also able to add this button on the online shop or purchasing forum. When they click this button, the customers will be led to the Exrupiah page with the transfer nominal according to the price, the money will be addressed to the sellers’ account on Exrupiah.

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