If we look at the brand activation and Nexian products campaign, it is clear that Nexian is the one that push the mobile Android platform to enter Indonesia through its low-end price products. Android products from Nexian are available from bellow 1 million to 3 million rupiah. With the varied range of prices, it gives significant influence to Android in Indonesia.

According to Izak Jenie, Metrotech CEO (content provider for Nexian), Android is a part of Nexian whole strategy but it still meets some obstacles dealing with content.

We are pushing Android, if any “Android hackers” come into kernel level—we really need them. For now, we still use resource from China and India. We hope that there is a team from Indonesia can do it, because we need to enhance Android in significant ways.

We may learn from Nexian, that low-end handphone and the low-end class is a promising market. In fact, many people still work on middle-up class and only few play in this market, off course there is still many chances.

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