OLX Indonesia Partners with BeliMobilGue

Users are given freedom to sell cars in OLX or BeliMobilGue, in addition for monitoring service by BeliMobilGue

Prayogo Ryza - 20 August 2018

OLX Indonesia (OLX) announces a partnership with BeliMobilGue, an online car sales platform. This partnership will combine each leading features. OLX will take potential buyers and BeliMobilGue will provide an inspection service to make a fast and safe process, making it easier for individuals who want to sell their cars.

Olaf van Schagen, OLX Indonesia's CEO enthusiastically welcomed the partnership which is expected to strengthen OLX position in the automotive category by providing additional value for its customers.

Meanwhile, BeliMobilGue optimistic that the partnership with OLX can make a contribution to the company's business development which ambition is to lead the car sales market in Indonesia.

"BeliMobilGue was founded in April 2017 and has reached rapid growth. We see the car selling process in Indonesia is more challenging than in Europe. The growth we've reached proves that car owners and buyers are very enthusiastic about the service we offered," Rolf X Monteiro, BeliMobilGue's CEO, explained.

As a car sales platform, BeliMobilGue has a verified and nationwide network of professional buyers. This platform works by optimizing the selling price for car owners. In the sales process, BeliMobilGue also provides comprehensive vehicle monitoring services with results displayed in the application and directly connected to a network of potential buyers.

In this partnership, car owners will benefit from the leading features of each platform. Car owners are also given the option to sell their cars through OLX or use BeliMobilGue's service.

In the car sales segment, OLX has partnered up with Futuready to make it easier for car buyers in getting insurance, and Cermati for the easy calculation of car installment. Moreover, BeliMobilGue had just received 50 billion Rupiah of Pre-Series A Funding earlier this year.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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