Online Bus Ticketing is Now Available Within Traveloka App

Brought Traveloka closer as an "all-in-one app" for all modes of transportation

Prayogo Ryza - 21 March 2018

Traveloka is getting closer to provide ticketing for all modes of transportation. One of the latest features is online bus ticket booking. Currently, the service available in app (both Android and iOS). DailySocial observes that the bus ticket booking feature is not available in Traveloka’s site.

With this new feature, there are three types of transportation to be booked via Traveloka. The flight, train (intercity and airport rail), and bus ticket. Sea transportation becomes the only mode that’s yet to be available. According to Traveloka team, further detail of this new feature is to be available next week.

For now, the workflow isn’t perfectly working and still redirects users to contact the bus company’s agent for ticket purchasing.

Besides Traveloka, there are other players in online bus ticketing services, such as Bosbis, Redbus, and BusTiket. Unlike other mode of transportation, online bus ticketing is quite obstructed. The biggest obstacle is to partner with a number of bus companies and terminals.

In our previous report on Bosbis, Organda (local transportation association) is said to be authorized by Ministry of Transportation to organize e-ticketing solutions for large scale terminal and all bus operators.

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