Online Grocery Service “GrabFresh” is Starting to be Available in Indonesia This Month

Online Grocery Service “GrabFresh” is Starting to be Available in Indonesia This Month

Partners with HappyFresh, it's an effort to turn Grab into "super app"
Displaying Grab's new menu with GrabFresh
Displaying Grab's new menu with GrabFresh

Grab Introduces GrabFresh, an online grocery service, partners with HappyFresh. GrabFresh will begin its operation in Indonesia within this month, followed by Thailand and Malaysia by the end of the year. GrabFresh is an attempt to turn Grab into “super app”.

In contrary with its closest competitor, Grab is considered slow in service diversification. Go-Jek already have had Go-Mart and Go-Shop to help consumers with groceries.

There will be more than 100 thousand products in 50 supermarkets as the result of this partnership.

Guillem Segarra, HappyFresh’s CEO, said that consumers usually demand the availability of some groceries (in constant period) and to get them immediately when needed. He expects to add numbers and time to deliver groceries for
Grab customers.

As an online grocery service, HappyFresh is quite solid, especially in Jakarta and Surabaya, considering their trained buyer in picking out groceries. Consumer’s high demand is not followed by the increasing logistics availability. Grab as the logistics partner may be the answer to both problems.

“We are confident by offering more localized services daily. There will be more customers and engagement within our base,” Anthony Tan, Grab’s CEO, said to Reuters.

Furthermore, Grab also introduces GrabPlatform to make Grab’s API open for the third party. Later, Grab’s partners can access the logistics technology, payment, messaging, and consumer’s insight.

“Is it food, groceries, we need to make sure those are well funded, technologically or financially,” as Anthony Tan said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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