Online Learning Platform Potential in Producing Qualified Talents

Learn from HarukaEDU's CEO, Novistiar Rustandi at #SelasaStartup

The high demand of new talent wasn't followed by qualified skill and and knowledge of the related industry. HarukaEDU is an example of startup offering online learning platform that is expected to fulfill the demand.

In order to look further of the current education tech startup trends and potential in Indonesia, #SelasaStartup invited HarukaEDU's CEO, Novistiar Rustandi.

Solving the cost and time issues

Before established HarukaEDU, Novistiar is said to question the target market and related industry. He said many of school graduates have issues to make it into the next level due to time and cost.

On the other hand, academic institutions aren't capable to create online learning program due to the lack of resources. These issues are to be solved by online learning platform.

"We also specifically offer a training for companies to improve their employee's skills through online learning. To date, we've been receiving positive response, not only in Jakarta but also outside the city," he explained.

Supporting industry 4.0

With automation replacing the conventional skills nowadays, doesn't mean less job opportunity. Technology has created new opportunity from the demand.

"One example is digital marketing and social media which is getting more popular among companies. I predict in the future that the skill will matter more than diplomas of talents which are to be hired by conventional companies in Indonesia," he added.

The online learning platform also intends to cut the academic cost in university and high-level education which is considered expensive. They're trying to replace the perception of online learning as "unrated" with high-quality classes.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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