Online Printing Startup Gogoprint is Ready for Expansion Following Series A Funding

To expand to Asia Pacific, targeting New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea

Marsya Nabila - 15 October 2018

Gogoprint, a Singapore-based online printing startup is ready to expand business in all over Indonesia following series A funding worth of US$ 7.7 million (around Rp116 billion). It was led by Online Printing Group (OPG) from Brazil.

Regionally, it's to be used for more expansions, including to New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea.

For Indonesia in particular, the funding will help realize the company's dream to expand to all over Indonesia and acquire new users. Currently, the new Gogoprint service is only available in Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

"Indonesia is a valuable country for Gogoprint Group. It has represented the largest printing market in Indonesia with the strongest regional projection in internet usage and e-commerce development. The use of technology has much more advanced although not fully prepared. The key is to educate customers regarding the benefit of online printing." Euginia Budiman, Gogoprint's Project Manager, told DailySocial.

In order to make this plan works, Gogoprint will develop products to become a one-stop-printing solution for customers. Therefore, it can attract new users to bring Gogoprint as Indonesia's leading player.

In its business model, Gogoprint connects customers with printing partners to receive orders online. They can have easier access to a variety of high-quality printed products by paying less.

The printing partners gain access to a larger set of customers to maximize the machine utilization and their internal ROI.

"This challenge will be solved by putting time, effort, and sweat into the printing supplier bonding, collaboration to support the printing bumps and service speed."

Business Achievement

In the official release, Gogoprint has partnered with more than 45 thousands SME entrepreneurs and startups throughout Asia Pacific. They produce stationary for business and promotion, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, pens, and flash drive.

The compatible technology algorithm allows business to produce high-quality items that can be easily and economically personalized with fast turnaround. This process used proprietary algorithmic software that organizes and accumulates client's orders and distributes printing costs to hundreds of partners through one network.

"We're glad to have support from all investors who share the vision with us, to build a leading online printing business in Asia Pacific. In addition, it allows us to accelerate global expansion and develop our products," David Berghaeuser, Gogoprint's Co-Founder and Managing Director, said.

Since the launching in 2015, Gogoprint has claimed to have exponential growth in all markets include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The number of employees has reached 125 people and soon to hire 30 more people in the team.

It has a 200 percent year-on-year growth in customer acquisition and attracted more than 45 thousand customers. Gogoprint customers include Honda, Lazada, Lion Air, Yamaha, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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