Online Travel Platforms Remain Optimistic, Offering Staycation as Priority

How local OTAs facing the new normal

Prayogo Ryza - 3 August 2020

Tourism is one of the many industries affected by the pandemic. In the first period, they struggled to serve the refund of its users. Currently, they are preparing to face a new wave of shifting habits starting with domestic tourists.

In the States, based on “Travel Sentiment Study Wave 11” data compiled by Longwoods International and Miles Partnership, 45% of respondents decided to derail their entire travel plans. The rest (55%) decide to make adjustments, including reducing travel plans, changing destinations that can be reached by car, or changing international travel plans to domestic areas.

Changes in travel plan patterns also occur in various countries. One that can be adopted is to re-empower local tourism.

Two local OTA players share their preparations for the new life order. They are ready to welcome users who have been at home for a long time with all the strategies and services that have been adjusted.

Pegipegi’s Corporate Communications Manager. Busyra Oryza explained, in order to recover, it’ll take the travel industry a long time. Nevertheless, it is optimistic that tourism will rise.

“To date, we find that the staycation trend is getting popular. In order to accommodate it easier for customers who want to release fatigue after undergoing quarantine for months, we present a flash sale program with hotel discounts up to 50% during not this July,” Busyra explained.

While Ticket also began to introduce several services to keep loyal users.

The first is the Tiket Clean containing Ticket’s commitment with partners to work together in the standardization of health and hygiene protocols issued by officials, such as WHO.

Tickets also extend the validity period of Tix Points. Those points that should expire between April-June will be extended to December 2020.

“Prioritizing assistance, rescheduling, and refund from customers. We consider this to be an asset investment in the future by prioritizing services to customers,” Ticket team said.

What has changed during the pandemic

Pandemic does not only affect Indonesia. All over the world is chaotic due to the prohibition of many economic activities. In China, there have been changes in the pattern of the travel agent industry.

Chinese local media reported that around 10,000 travel agencies decided to close their businesses at the end of March. The estimated decline in revenue from the tourism industry is estimated at $ 420 billion.

In Indonesia, the pandemic is making a run for the Airy business. Finally, one of the players in the budget hotel sector decided to close the service.

The McKinsey report titled “Hitting the road again: How Chinese travelers are thinking about their first trip after COVID-19” with 1600 respondents highlighting various things about travel after the pandemic.

One of the highlights in the report is domestic travel which is 55% of respondents interested. The pattern of travelers in the United States and China tends to be the same. Most choose to stay on vacation with caution.

Tiket and Pegipegi agree that the staycation trend is predicted to increase. The need for holidays and a pandemic situation that is yet to cease soon make people look for solutions. One answer is a vacation closer to home.

Nevertheless, the travel industry has certainly no longer the same. Some things have changed. One thing for sure is the health protocol. Ticket joins Antis to provide sanitizing kit equipment for those who use the Tiket Clean  service.

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