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Marsya Nabila - 25 July 2018

Indonesia has many tourism objects but still lack of contribution to the country's foreign exchange compared to neighboring countries, like Thailand and Malaysia. According to the Ministry of Tourism, foreign reserve from the tourism sector last year only accounted at US$ 16.8 billion from 17 million foreign tourists in total.

The slow realization of this tourism potential encourages Treya's establishment since October 2017. Until now, Treya still relies on its own pocket (bootstrap) for business operations.

As the open trip has become new trend, there are many people who still have difficulties in choosing and comparing the travel organizers (TO), in terms of price, time, and destinations. Treya offers to provide various options while promoting unrecognized tourism objects.

"We started Treya to improve Indonesia's tourism industry, either for international or local tourists," Hardwi Pinandityo, Treya's CMO, said to DailySocial.

He said the challenge in open trip is to convince public that Treya's partners are credible and capable to provide good services. Therefore, they partner only with professional and credible TOs.

The way to check its credibility is through recommendations from other TOs and local residents with frequent interaction in gathering guests. Treya also tracks the digital records and netizen discussion of the TO in travel and social media forums.

"It would have been better if the TO comes from a business entity but it doesn't matter for individuals with a good reputation. Currently, from 100 TO partners, only 10%-15% becomes a business entity.

Business Plan

Arie Nasution (TREYA's CEO), Asoka Remadja (Travel Blogger), Hiramsyah Thaib (Head of Accelerated Development of Priority Tourism Destination), Schode Ilham (Travel Blogger), Duwi Satrio (TREYA's Chief Marketing Officer) / TREYA

In running the business, Treya is using the profit-sharing business model by quoting 10%-15% for each transaction through the platform. Pinandityo claimed, since founded for two months, they have sent more than 100 people through the open trip.

The next plan is to increase supply side first. It is expected to add over 100 destinations to bring more options for users.

Treya is claimed to have 100 TO partners for 50 tourist destinations, such as Bangka Island, Belitong Island, Thousand Island, Yogyakarta, Ijen, Alor Island, Komodo Island, Derawan, and many more. Aside of open trip, Treya also provides the private trip for 2 people.

Currently, Treya is available for Android, soon will be followed by iOS version. Treya has over 400 members since its first establishment.

"We think, by having a strong supply, users will come by themselves," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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