Opera Mediaworks Brings Integrated Instant-Play HD Mobile to Indonesia

Adjie Priambada - 15 October 2015

According to the State of Mobile Advertising 2015, Indonesia is one of countries where the people spend most of their times on mobile devices. Moreover, Indonesia also has high level of demand todars video ads content. That being said, Opera Mediaworks brings along its Instant-Play HD Mobile feature for Video to Indonesia, which has been integrated with Moat Analytics that allows it to present the best digital ads solution.

Opera Mediaworks’ Managing Director for Asia Pacific Vikas Gulati stated, “The demand and adoption of mobile video-ad is really vast around the globe, including in Indonesia. This is caused by the vast growth of Android-based devices. Moreover, the advertisers today tend to create video-based  content, as it’s more acceptable now.”

Furthermore, Gulati also revealed that Opera has partnered with Moat since this October to integrate its Instant-Play HD Mobile with Moat Analytics.

“We currently partner with Moat. It makes our position better, as we also provide the third party-verification solution to agencies,” he added.

Meanwhile, Moat’s CEO Jonah Goodhart stated in his release, “Through this synergy, Opera Mediaworks can provide in-app video display and attention, which are the key to their confidence-building for investing in mobile.”

The digital advertising industry is considerably new, especially when it comes to mobile sector. Thus, its potential is highly promising. Indonesia is predicted to lead the growth of global mobile internet with 80 percent this year. The segment is getting more crowded, such as Adskom and the recently-arriving Freakout.

Gulati was confident that mobile video, with its native advertising model, will be the hottest trend in the future digital advertising ecosystem. The challenge would be to prepare ads content without interfering as well as to make use of the data to get better targets.

Below is the video interview with Gulati:

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