Organise Your Business Trip’s Expenses with Travees

One thing that should be considered each time you travel or go on business trips is the receipt-collecting activity for your reimbursement necessity. This activity might be very simple, but it might also turn to be troublesome as well once you forget to keep those receipts. But do not worry, Travees is now there to help you organizing the receipts all of your expenses during the trip.

Travees (stands for Travel Expenses) is an application developed by Asep Bagja Priandana and created to help people noting the expenses (expense tracker) that they make outside the office. Claimed itself as a ‘business traveler application for business travelers’, Travees is now available in 2.1 version for $1,99 or Rp23 thousand. Unfortunately, the application is only available in iOS platform at the moment.

Travees itself was created based on Asep’s, as well as other workers’, problem on organizing the receipts of their expenses to be reported to their office’s financial department. Designed to be clean and minimalist, Travees is there to solve the problem. Just as any other expense tracker applications, Travees offers the solution to that receipt-administration dilemma.

The application is very simple to use. Each time you make an expense, just type down the amount of money you spend and Travees will automatically save it to the historical menu. Moreover, Travees can also save the photos of the expense’s receipt. Easy, is not it? Travees also provides the geo-tagging feature to enable you adding the information of the location where the expense is made.

The menus provided by Travees are actually not that many. There are only three main menus available: ‘Home’ to help you creating a new note, ‘Historical’ to help you reviewing all your noted expenses, and ‘Report’ to help you reviewing all the expenses you make during certain periods and creating the report to be sent via e-mail.

Actually, there are still many features that Travees should add in order to compete with similar application developed by foreign developers which aim this segment. The absence of searching feature and the lack of description of new notes are also minus points for Travees. Furthermore, Travees also does not provide currency converter which might be quite a problem for those who travel abroad and do transactions in foreign currency.

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