Pacific Place and Ice House Launched the Pacific Place Mobile App

Hesti Pratiwi - 24 October 2014

A unique partnership between a mobile app developer and a mall has just been established. Ice House, the developer, and Pacific Place, the mall, officially launched their partnership yesterday (22/10). This partnership is done in form of the development of a mobile app. The app, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, enables Pacific Place’s visitors enjoying various menus and missions, including the Treasure Hunt and Photo Gallery features. Due to the partnership, Pacific Place becomes the first mall in Asia Pacific that gets the Bluetooth Beacons technology installed.

Raymond Tjandra, Pacific Place’s Marketing Communication Coordinator, stated that the app is fully dedicated for the visitors to get some fun while browsing around the mall. He claimed that Pacific Place gets visited by 40-50 thousand people in a day. Tjandra didn’t mention anything about attracting new visitors, instead he suggested that the app is meant to have their visitors engaged even more. He expected that the app will get 10 thousand downloads pretty soon.

“Pacific Place Jakarta has set high class lifestyle as a trend, thus we always try to find new ways to enhance our visitors’ experience. In this regard, our collaboration with Ice House is in line with this concept. As the pioneer of iBeacon technology in Asia Pacific, we aim to look for long term glory,” Tjandra stated.

Furthermore, the partnership‘s developing team will make use of the new Bluetooth Beacons network to provide micro-location technology in each and every floor of the mall. This enables them to track visitors’ movement, which may help them engaging visitors with various location-based missions.

In the “Treasure Hunt” feature, visitors are challenged to find ‘treasures’ which are hid all over the mall by searching at certain beacons locations. Another feature, “Photo Stream”, lets users taking pictures of a number locations at the mall and directly upload them to Pacific Place’s Facebook page. Should they do so, a teddy bear doll might accompany them home.

Besides those two distinctive features, the app also offers a number of helpful menus. One of them is in form of shops directory, which displays the list of shops available at the mall according to their first letter. Even though the menu gives the information of shops’ description and phone numbers, it has yet been able to guide visitors to their desired shops.

There is also “Event” menu, which features information about events that Pacific Place about to hold. The “Offer” menu, which displays hot deals and attractive promotions, is also there on the app.

“We plan to keep developing attractive features for the app,” Redmer Schukken, Ice House’s CEO, stated.

Besides partnering with Pacific Place, Ice House is also in the course of developing a number of other local startups, e.g Guvera, Wego, Uniq, Footprintsmd, and Star Trek.

“As an Indonesian technology exporter, we are more than glad to see Ice House getting involved in the growth of creative industry by facilitating Indonesia’s best engineering talents building their integrity and capacity to invent remarkable innovations with us,” Schukken added. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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