Partners with WeWork and Softbank Telecom China, Alibaba Cloud Is to Help Business Expansion in China

They also contributed to technology training, network and business consulting for companies

Yenny Yusra - 13 June 2019

Starts from the previous collaboration, Alibaba Cloud, WeWork and Softbank Telecom China, form a strategic partnership to help more companies and startups from various countries to expand business in China. This program is to complete the “China Gateway” project first initiated by Alibaba Cloud.

Through the launch of this strategic partnership, either WeWork, or Softbank, can support business from SME to corporate using Alicloud technology and infrastructure, WeWork office space and network community, also business consulting with Softbank Telecom China.

At the Alibaba Cloud Summit in Singapore some times ago, Alibaba Group’s Vice President and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s General Manager of Strategy & Marketing, Lancelot Guo confirmed, this program aims to empower global companies in creating and expanding business opportunity amidst the growing market in China.

“This is the first time there is an opportunity for business players focusing on the Chinese market to take advantage of local talents, vertical experience, and innovation from the three most visionary companies in the world in one package. Together we make a commitment to support global companies to connect with customers in China,” he said.

For interested businessmen, the registration is available on the website, and the online consulting session is open. If the preparation has completed and the product’s ready, with a relevant target market, the next step can be accessed directly in China.

In addition to the regulars, those in this program can also get special offers, such as technology training, marketing, discount for Alibaba Cloud products and services, including business registration, travel booking on WeWork Service Store.

Support all businesses and global companies

Being mentioned about the ideal company or startup to attract China’s population, Guo said there’s no specific category for those in using this program’s facilities. All businesses ready and confident enough to expand to China are welcome.

WeWork selected as Alibaba Cloud’s partner is considered a benefit for startups and the company. They’ve been operated in China since 2016 and currently, they have some branches all around the country. It’s claimed that they know better on what culture and approach to apply should you plan to develop business in China.

“The partnership is very significant for WeWork because we’ve been through so much in building and scaling up the business in China. We started in 2016 and have to adopt a local approach to run business in the unique market,” WeWork Asia’s Vice Chairman, Christian Lee said.

The regulation and relation issues related to the regulator should also be noticed by those who want to expand to China. Therefore, if necessary, Aircloud also offer consulting session and specific information regarding legal terms and regulation to obey should you plan to expand business to China.

“Using Alibaba Cloud’s innovative technology and Alibaba ecosystem’s support, we should capable to solve the problem faced by multinational companies to enter and develop in China, support them to discover various opportunities in the market and stand competitive,” he said.

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