Path co-founder Dave Morin had an interview with Indonesian TV station TV One this morning in which he shared the reason why he’s in town this week, what he thinks of Indonesian users and upcoming app updates and that Path is coming to BlackBerry next year.

Path hasn’t exactly been in the best shape lately. The company has seen its app’s popularity dwindle in recent weeks and it also shed around 20 percent of its workers in mid October, something that Morin described as “to realign the company to support continued innovation and path 4.0” according to Valleywag.

Despite the difficulties faced by the app and the company, it’s beginning to look like the app’s near term future does not lie in the traditional startup markets such as the United States, western Europe, or even Australia.

Morin said in the interview that Indonesia is the third most popular nation on Path with more than four million active members, which is around 20 percent. In other words, one in every five Path users are from Indonesia. This large proportion also lends to the fact that Indonesians are the most active people on Path according to Morin, a fact that is not at all a surprise. Indonesia is after all among the most socially active country online, evidenced by the fact that in 2012, Jakarta was the most active Twitter city in the world according to Semiocast. He also said that 54 percent of Path users are female.

While the interview was short, Morin took time to share some tidbits about upcoming app updates. Since Path debuted on Android, the app for some reason hasn’t had the ability to upload videos to the service, a feature that is available only on the iOS version of the app. Morin said on the show that before Christmas this year, Path for Android will finally gain that ability.

At the end of the interview, the host asked whether Path will come to BlackBerry and Morin said, “Path will be available for BlackBerry next year”. There was no explanation which BlackBerry he’s talking about but presumably it’s BlackBerry 10, which has all the components and features that an application like Path needs to exist on a platform.

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