Petani Facilitates Farmers to Share Their Farming Experience

Michael Erlangga - 1 December 2014

It’s logical to see developers fight for users, thus seeing them promoting and socializing in big cities where most of users are familiar to digital world already isn’t something abnormal. But what if there’s a developer who targets people who live in rural areas instead of urban citizens? Take a look at 8Villages. It develops “Petani”, which is dedicated for farmers in rural areas.

As a matter of fact, as an agrarian country Indonesia does have million square meters of farming fields with each own unique weather, geographic condition, and farming culture, and most of them are located in rural areas. Given this fact, 8Villages sees an urge need of equal farming knowledge and information distribution among those who work in this farming industry, including the methods to maximize their crops and keep the pests away. Thus, the team developes Petani.

To enable its services, Petani requires a conventional method of registration, which is via SMS to certain numbers. This method is quite complicated, because users have to do multiple verification stages, not to mention the slow response that users may get. However, considering that most of users of the app would be tech-inexperienced villagers with minimum quality of internet connection, the employment of this method is understandable.

Users are required to fill out their data, including the size of their field and type of plants they cultivate. Unfortunately, this opens the possibility of fake registration, where users input fake information. Thus, it would be wise for Petani to ask users to tell about their intention of using the app. It would even be better for the platform to lock important data, like name, gender, and phone number, so that they won’t be able to be changed after being set in the registration process.

At a glance, Petani is very easy to use that it looks like another social media. Featuring five main navigation, users may access all available articles, ask, join discussion in forums, and set their profile.

On its home page, every single stream can be sorted based on its category (question, article, or both). Users only need to tap one of them to see more detailed information, leave comments, or share the information via other social media platforms. All notifications will be summarized at the second navigation tab, in which all of users activities, including the questions they ask and comments they give, are displayed from the latest to the oldest ones.

The third navigation tab contains official articles about farming by the developer. Well, actually this is something which should be sorted right from the main tab, so this tab is quite unnecessary. The fourth tab provides forums in which users may join to get involved in series of discussion. This feature is similar to group chat which is commonly found in instant messaging apps.

Should Petani fix those points I pre-mentioned above, it would be a perfect pioneer for next farming-related platforms. If you are attracted to use the app, you may download it here.

[Header Illustration: Shutterstock | DailySocial Doc.]


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