PlayDay Live Strategy Targeting User Growth with Various Content

Each video was viewed by 12 to 20 thousand users

Corry Anestia - 16 June 2019

After a year operation, the video streaming platform PlayDay Live has five interactive and one recorded programs. The company plans to add more program, a live auction in 2019.

PlayDay Live's Founder and CEO, Calvin Kizana said, their team is still focusing on user growth. Therefore, a startup under PT Inovidea Magna Global presents various content to increase viewers and new users.

First established, PlayDay Live aired one program, a Trivia or known as interactive quiz. It was chosen as pilot because it's simple and concise for Indonesians

In addition, there are four other interactive programs, Kompakan (polling), Wagelaseh (fun fact), ShopDay (home shopping), and Kongkow (talk show). Those five are live programs, with a presenter who interacts with concurrent users.

Moreover, PlayDay Live is currently released recorded and interactive films. In this program, the user has given options and decided on how it ends.

"This year we recreate the app because the old version only displayed Trivia quiz, while now we have two new content, interactive film and live auction to be released," he said on an interview with DailySocial.

"Our business model is still focusing on new user acquisition. However, there are some ads. Target [new user] per program is as much as possible. It must be two to three times up from our average viewers," he added.

In addition, PT Inovidea Magna Global is also the developer of PicMix photo sharing app. The app had its time with "Blackberry era", it was then the company acquires dozens of users without any promotion.

Due to the struggle to monetize PicMix, they later developed PlayDay Live with concern to be its leading business in the future. PlayDay Live is available in the app version (Android and iOS) and to be followed in the mobile web version.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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