Post-Seed Funding, Film Rating Application Cinepoint to Immediately Extends to OTT Platform

Already acquired 40 thousand users since its debut last year

Marsya Nabila - 29 June 2020

The fresh fund will be channeled to develop features that directly help the Indonesian film industry, to be integrated with other platforms, and to expand ratings for content on the OTT platform.

Ideosource Entertainment previously also invested in GoPlay, Gojek's OTT platform. Both Cinepoint and GoPlay are a form of commitment from Ideosource to build a better Indonesian film industry.

Cinepoint is a box office and rating application that airs in Indonesian cinemas, both locally and internationally. Ratings are measured through exit polls filled in by the audience after watching and verified in real-time. Box office data is regularly updated, supported by weekly charts as well as historical and infographic data.

In fact, this application has been operated since last year under the Inspira PRJ. The figure behind the Cinepoint application is @bicaraboxoffice twitter account, which often provides information total movie audiences currently showing in theaters.

Cinepoint's President Director Sigit Prabowo explained, Cinepoint is quite different from other services that are more likely to present movie reviews. Cinepoint positions itself as a movie rating provider based on numbers, without a review. The numbers are more absolute and truly describe the judgment of the audience.

He said this method is familiar in developed countries like the United States. However, the assessment is taken manually through a piece of paper filled in by the audience after leaving the cinema. Cinepoint digitizes the process to be brought into Indonesia.

"With digital innovation, the industry can get a much broader picture, the distribution of the audience can predict tastes based on location, and so forth. We're like big data analytics, but specifically in film," he said, Thursday (6/25).

In order to rate, users will have to enter the cinema location and a ticket scan. Next, enter the movie title, time, and the cinema's seat number. Viewers can rate films on a scale of 1-10.

In a general note, this rating is recommended after watching or just around the corner. Every rate given, users will get points.

Sigit's interest in the film and analytic world has finally inspired him to develop Cinepoint to be more serious and structured to have a positive impact on the film industry. Since its first release, until now, he said Cinepoint has acquired 40 thousand users.

One of the features that will be developed is the rating for films on the OTT platform. Sigit said the pandemic encouraged the rise of movie consumption on the OTT platform, eventually pushing the team to develop the feature.

Funding from Ideosource

Separately, in an official statement released yesterday (24/6), Ideosource Entertainment CEO Andi Boediman explained that he was very concerned about the development of the film industry. However, it is undeniable that the pandemic has a wide impact on the film industry, and thousands of film workers are also economically affected.

"Therefore, Ideosource Entertainment through Cinepoint synergizes with GoPlay to help film workers," Andi said.

Because Cinepoint is now included in the Ideosource Entertainment portfolio, with GoPlay, now the two companies work together. In the Cinepoint application, a GoPlay voucher can be purchased. Users will get cashback rewards for every subscription package.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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