PricePanda Release Research about Online Shopping Trend in Southeast Asia

Hesti Pratiwi - 3 November 2014

Online shopping has become one inseparable part of people’s lifestyle nowadays. The number of online transaction only gets biger and bigger as time goes by, but how much exactly is the increase? In order to respond this big question, PricePandagathered data of the number of visitors visiting its website, which is spread all over Southeast Asia, in the last three months. In this regard, the platform collected information of most wanted items, most preferred items in each category, and most used media which is used to browse the items in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, has indeed been globally regarded as a one of most important markets in the world. It’s not surprising then to see big cities in the region like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Quezon gave significant contribution to the research.

PricePanda, which has more than one million users, gathered the data of number of visits from July 27 to October 27. After analyzing the data, it was found that 56% of Indonesian visitors and 46% of Malaysian visitors preferred shopping via their mobile devices. In Singapore and the Philippines, the trend was quite different. In those two countries, 47% of Singaporean visitors and 58% of visitors from the Philippines chose to shop via desktop. Tablet apparently was less preferred with only 6%-11% of visitors in each country shopping online through it.

Besides analyzing the way people shop online, PricePanda also presented a statistic on the most wanted items. The statistic suggested that smartphone is the most favorite item in practically every country in the region, even more preferred than game which normally tops the list in other regions in the world. Game is the second most wanted item in Indonesia and Singapore, and ranked third in Malaysia.

As for the game console category, Sony Playstation 4 claimed the thrones in Indonesia, while The Sims 4 became the most wanted game software.

In the electronic products brand category, Samsung became the most favorite brand in Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. In Malaysia, Lenovo controlled the market.

PricePanda summed up, “After a series of deep analysis, it is obvious that the trend of online shopping grows significantly in 2014. The online shoppers (in Southeast Asia) have started enjoying shopping online.”

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