Berita Provides E-Commerce Marketplace for Freelancers

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 19 November 2014

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer working on a part time basis rather than being a full-timer, from the complicated office rules and regulation to the presence of online communication which enables employees communicating between each other remotely, you name it. In response to this, more and more platforms offering "freelance" vacancies on it emerge, and is one of those fortune seekers.

In general, the service that Projects offers is quite similar to the one offered by SribuLancer and Freelancer, which is to bridge the job seekers with employers who need their talent. Even so, Projects has something different that it may leave its competitors behind, and that feature would be the e-commerce marketplace it offers.

Tthat’s the reason why I won’t dwell too much on its freelancer marketplace feature today.

As I said above, there’s nothing peculiar with the UI and UX that Projects offers. Job seekers, be it graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, or lately popular social media specialists, only have to search for their desired jobs, apply on the vacancies, and get hired. For a complete guidance of how it works, you may read here.

It is its e-commerce marketplace that makes Projects special. As being stated on its official page, any digital product in form of files may be sold at Projects. Just name software and documents for example. This may be a new alternative for job seekers. Instead of being bound by contract and stuffs, they may directly sell their works instantly. Besides helping users, this serves as another method of monetization that Projects holds.

As being described on the Pricing page, there are two monetization channels that Projects uses: freelancer marketplace and e-commerce marketplace. In the freelancer marketplace, Projects has right to 12% of every single deal. Meanwhile, the e-commerce marketplace offers more various sources, as Projects may have 15% of every transaction, transfer fee of Rp 7.500, to fee from transaction by credit cards.

That being said, it seems that Projects has more than enough supplies to fight in the industry.

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